About me

The importance of hiring a translator

Translation requires a special set of skills, amongst them, the ability to write well in your own language. The aim is not just to convey the exact meaning of the original text, but also to do it in the right style and tone. The final product has to achieve the aim of the text, whether this is to inform, transmit emotion, seduce…

My work is both accurate and creative. If you are considering saving some money by using machine translation software, be warned that you will only get basic information about the content of the text and the results are appalling – have a go, try it out for yourself. When it comes to finding the right word or phrase to give your text the impact or precise meaning it needs, this can only be achieved by a good translator.

Before buying a translation, please refer to either of these booklets written by Chris Durban, which are packed with useful information and excellent advice.


Why me

Passionate about languages, I have devoted my life to acquiring and developing all the necessary tools to produce texts of excellent quality, always tailored to your specific needs. And I am continuing my professional development by attending courses and workshops, reading and writing.

But I have also lived. This is one profession where age matters. I lived in Argentina for 33 years during which time I was a primary school teacher, and also taught Spanish -literature and grammar- at a secondary school for adults; I also taught music to infants and English as a second language. I travelled all through Latin America (from Costa Rica to Tierra del Fuego) continually learning about the different cultures, listening to music, finding out about their crafts, their history and, of course, how they express themselves through language. I moved to the UK in 1996 and I became a tourist guide and a translator.

I combine a deep knowledge of the different cultures of Latin America with 25 years living in the UK, which means that I can understand the subtle cultural references appearing in your text and transfer them correctly for the intended target audience.

There are several examples of terrible gaffs made by translators who have not picked up on cultural differences or have not given the text the dedication a client deserves. Get diarrhoea! (¡aflójalo!) was the somewhat inappropriate literal translation of the Coors beer slogan ” Turn it Loose” in Spanish. Quite different from the intended message, it obviously didn’t have the expected effect! I won’t let anything like that happen to you!

In me, you will find a reliable professional who will become an integral part of your team until the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

And it doesn’t need to be expensive either. Get in touch with me for a free quote. We can also design a shorter version of your text for translation.